We aim and vision is to encourage the settlement of foreign direct investment and facilitate the transfer to Italy of highly qualified human resources, the creative class made up of cosmopolitan entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, professionals and artists whose presence increases the competitiveness of our territory.

With this aim Giovanni Papperini – management consultant, Immmigration expert, founder and president of the CIIAQ (Comitato Italiano Immigrazione Altamente Qualificata) – has always been actively engaged in promoting mobility to Italy and simplifying the rules that govern it.

We interpret the concept of Relocation in the wider sense of welcoming. With the experience gained in over two decades of activity, we have acquired a particular sensitivity to our expats: we know how to make their transfer as smooth as possible and how to help them be fully operational in their work and private life in Italy.

We are an independent firm and does not receive any financial incentive, subsidy or commission by any supplier.
Our team uses a computerized data management system, especially designed for us, which promotes the interaction between the clients and the local counsellors working all across Italy.

We offer a highly professional and flexible service to meet the demand of a strongly dynamic market. At the same time we strive to preserve our local identity and keep a warm heart for the human side of our business to face the challenges of a globalized world.