SPR has been providing assistance for all kinds of foreign direct investment in Italy.

We follow the companies step by step from the opening of the first liaison office  to the setting up of a limited company.

Now we want to provide the experience we gathered throughout the years also to Italian entrepreneurs who wish to start a company in their region of origin, in other Italian regions or abroad.

We are, in fact, capable of providing a full-cycle service both to foreign companies wishing to invest in Italy and also to Italian entrepreneurs willing to start a company in Italy or abroad, since we can count on network of specialized consultants and partners in Italy and abroad.

The services we offer are customizable and adaptable to any specific need of each company.

In  more than 28 years of activity, we have contributed to the promotion and the development of foreign investments through:


– advice and assistance in obtaining Visa and permit of stay for key company staff and for independent professionals (see Immigration).

Corporate Location Advisory

– operational network throughout all Italy

– preparation of reports and comparative analysis on the cost of living, mainly focusing on the real estate market for industrial, commercial, professional and residential purposes.

– advice and assistance for office hunting and for their suitability in relation to local services and infrastructure. (see Relocation)

Corporate Relocation

– advice and assistance in finding the accommodation of key company personnel and their families and highlighting local services of interest. (see Relocation)

Cultural support

– handling of “culture shock” through the organization of cross-cultural training events, such as:

  • meetings focused on cultural integration in the different national and local environments
  • partner support through focused city-tours, language courses oriented to daily needs with practical “on the road” training of cultural orientation; introduction to international circles on site, etc.
  • identification of other services to support specific needs

Public Relations and Advertising 

– facilitate the contacts with the local business environment (Chamber of Commerce, Business and professional associations)

– establish a relationship with the local and national press

– introduction in the local blogs and social networks through specific campaigns and through the support of web and multimedia communication experts.

– planning and startup of contacts with local and national TV and radio stations.

– awareness-raising activities for the public administration and public opinion aimed at facilitating the creation of a welcoming environment for foreign investments and for new business initiatives in general.

Abroad we offer:

– advice and assistance for the individuation of non-tariff barriers that impede the exercise of economic activities abroad;
– Liaison with Embassies’ economic offices and with the Italian Business Diplomacy network, for support and/or promotion of foreign investments abroad.

We will listen to you and carefully evaluate your personal or corporate needs. We will be able to propose a variety of interventions to startup a business in Italy and abroad, and to offer a progressive and flexible range of services!