Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Relocation?

We mean a range of services aimed to facilitate the moving of a foreigner and his/her family to a new location. This move can be for professional, cultural or study reasons. These services include house hunting, the choice of a school, cultural training, language courses and any other type of services which can be customized according to the “expat’s’” specific needs. Please have a look at the Corporate  and Personal Relocation Services paragraphs.  We want to make your stay a pleasant and unforgettable experience!

What do you mean by Expatriate or Expat?

The Expatriate or Expat is normally a professional who has been asked by his/her company to move to a foreign country for a limited period of time, between 1 and 5 years long.  The main goal of the Relocation services is to provide comprehensive support to these people who are obviously very busy in their new job and cannot dedicate their time and energies to their move. Moreover, they do not even have the necessary language and cultural knowledge to deal with the peculiarities of the territory they have just moved to.
This situation would compromise the success of their assignment, as the employee and his/her family would face so many difficulties that even business productivity would be affected. This is the main reason companies choose to utilize  Relocation Services.

What are the main relocation sites in Italy?

Relocation Services are closely linked to business and administrative activities. Therefore the main relocation sites in Italy are Rome and Milan, followed by Turin,  Florence and Venice. There are also some other locations which attract expats for  professional and cultural reasons.
Please check our Operational Sites and Studio Papperini Relocation links to see how smaller and less well-known towns can also become popular destinations.

What is the average price of a lodging in Italy?

Unfortunately, this can vary a lot, because of the fluctuations of the market which makes it almost impossible to give a precise answer.
We can certainly say that prices can change a lot according to the city where you want to live.
In the main Italian cities, like Rome and Milan, they are much higher, and they are also higher in the North of Italy than in the South. They change proportionally according to the economic and cultural importance of the city. They are higher for apartments located downtown , or in the residential neighborhoods which have better  public transport.

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