Studio Papperini Relocation is a private Italian company specialized in Relocation,  Immigration and Corporate Location for corporate and private clients willing to relocate, settle down, work and invest in Italy.

Our company is operating throughout Italy, including the islands, to facilitate direct foreign investment into Italy as well as transfers of highly qualified human resources

In this domain, Studio Papperini Relocation offers various types of complementary services:


•       Our CORPORATE LOCATION services are addressed to foreign managers who wish to establish subsidiary or start-off companies in Italy. Studio Papperini  Relocation assists in making informed decisions.


•        Our RELOCATION SERVICES help managers and their families to handle the practical issues of their transfer and to favour their adaptation in their new environment.


•        With our IMMIGRATION services we provide assistance in obtaining all types of documents necessary to enable managers, consultants and other highly qualified personnel to immigrate, reside and work in Italy either as an employee, with the purpose of starting up a business in Italy or for other professional reasons. With our over 30 years of in-house expertise we are highly specialized in obtaining the necessary documentation.


•       With our CITIZENSHIP services we offer help with the procedures of :

- acquisition (by naturalization, by ope legis)

- reacquiring

- recognition (by descent) with genealogical research


Studio Papperini Relocation was founded in 1986 as one of the first professional companies in Italy proposing comprehensive relocation service packages. Having return-on-investment considerations of companies in mind, we consider it important that through our dedicated network of selected local consultants we approach the needs of transferees with human understanding and can make them feel at ease in Italy, thereby enhancing the chance of a successful mission! We offer our experience, our knowledge and our commitment to enable our clients to dedicate themselves fully to their work and personal life in Italy.


We have combined our corporate immigration and relocation services in PACKAGES that are shaped according to recurrent and standard needs of multinationals and global service providers in international staff transfers, but Studio Papperini can provide COSTUMISED SOLUTIONS upon request too. The packages are described in this brochure.


Its mission is to offer advice and assistance to those who for personal or business reasons choose to move to Italy. Our know-how, the tools and the services we offer are constantly evolving to meet the multiple needs of companies, expats or transferees.