Just send us a request telling what your needs for a visa to Italy and/or for a permit to stay are. We will tell you the most suitable kind of visa and the possible options.
There are many kind of visas and permit to stay and very often they are not well publicized. There are visas that do not require the subsequent request of permit to stay, like transit or business visa. Otherwise there are some categories of permits to stay that allow the non-EU nationals legalize their situation even if they have entered Italy without a visa.
The Immigration Law is in continuous evolution, also because of new recurring EU Directives that enter in our Legislation and introduce new kind of visas and permits to stay.
If there are not visas or permit to stay suitable to your specific situation, we evaluate if there are the conditions and the numbers to start an “advocacy” action (temporary grouping of interests) in order to let the Legislator consider the needs of a numerous group of people or Companies and create a specific visa or permit to stay to obviate to this lack.
During the past years, new kind of visas and permit to stay have been introduced thanks to the request of groups of interests that have pushed for their creation.
It is possible that now, people or companies with your same interests, are moving for the obtainment of a specific kind of visa or permit to stay. We can help you to contact them and/or start a common action.
If there will be no way to regularize you or of a person you care about, please adhere to the Studio Papperini Relocation initiative for immigrant regularization.

Giovanni Papperini